$HD on Neo Blockchain

The Hongfei Token

Da Hongfei, the co-founder of Neo, has been tokenized for eternity. He now exists in the form of 1 billion tokens on Neo Blockchain.

Features 01
What is Da doing?

Get Bullish on $HD

You never need to wonder what Da Hongfei is up to anymore just check your wallet! What % of Hongfei do you own?

  • 1 Billion Tokens.
  • Growing Meme Culture on Neo.
  • Wen Moon?
Features 02
100% Community Operated

No Team Supply

Zero (0) $HD has been reserved for team supply. This means 500 million $HD were airdropped proportionally. The other 500 million $HD locked in LP with $GAS.

  • 4,242 $GAS collected on pre-sale!
  • Liq. Pool Locked!
  • No Team Dumping!
Features 03

Cross-Chain DEX

Forthewin is a multi-dApp platform that allows users to create their own NEP-17 tokens and access NEO-based tools. Swap, Farm, Create LPs & more with just a few clicks!

  • $HD Minted through FTW.
  • $HD/$GAS LP Pool opened through FTW.
  • Liq. Locked through FTW.

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